moderated Rogue Riddle 998 #RogueRiddle


This will be a more traditional rogue. There are several attempts at pun setups within the two stories indicated by BLANKS.. For each please provide the pun and unpuned versions.

The first to get all or the player with the most by Tuesday 12:00 PM gets to host the gateway to #1000.

Please respond to gypsywagon@... or assuming I did this correctly Lee's hashtag will just work and you actually can hit reply

What a Crock!

In a classic case of mistaken history a famous English landmark has become both misunderstood and misnamed. It turns our that neolithic farmers gathered at this location to sell their home grown produce and wares consisting mainly of chickens and cannabis. They evolved a ritual where chickens foraged on the weed and since it concentrated in the brains they then cut of their heads and slowly cooked them in earthenware containers aptly named crock pots. This crack pot theory was substantiated by finding that people traveled to this location both to witness the execution and then purchase and consume the high producing mixture in a circular market that became the first BLANK BLANK/ BLANK BLANK.

Later in time the circular market became named for the method of preparing the chickens for the beheading which was first to BLANK BLANK/BLANK BLANK.

(next story even though the last was the necks story)

This Ain't My Forced Rodeo

Did you know that Cary Grant made a fortune in the cattle business, first in feed and then in rodeo stock. Not wanting his name to be associated with Westerns he named the feed company Jude. They sold premium bales as Hey Jude which was later renamed Jude Hay, Jude Hay, Jude Hay. Cary bought and raised rodeo stock like many of his fellow actors did race horses. Eventually he came to own a hybrid Brahma named William and known to throw every attempted rider season after season. Cary was known for carefully picking events so William would draw inferior riders, but eventually the rodeo association demanded that he make William available for a championship featuring the reigning bucking champion one Norman Bie. This was indeed Cary's forced rodeo. In the highly anticipated event the crowd began to buzz as Norman and William approached the chute. The murmuring anticipating the contest sounded much like the title to an old gospel song which was LOTS OF BLANKS/LOTS OF BLANKS.

Unfortunately Mr Grant was so concerned that William would be defeated that he withdrew him just before he was mounted. Since Norman could not compete the association provided compensation equivalent to the winners purse which became known as the BLANK BLANK/BLANK BLANK BLANK.

That's it. Fill in the blanks and win a prize.

Gary Reeves

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