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All this chatter of tic tac toe
Reminds me of an old game show
It used to be called Hollywood Squares
In case any of you youngsters cares

The stage was a huge shaped tic tc toe
Inside each square sat a star we'd know
The host was a man, Peter Marshall
Who'd ask the stars questions impartial

The two contestants were then free
To answer "Agree" or "Disagree"
Depending if right or wrong, they got
Determined if "X" or "O" got the spot.

Then the player who made tic tac toe
Was the one who would collect  the dough
But the main key of earning the win
Was that middle square who sat Paul Lynde

Doug Spector

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'Tis all for naught, as Old Bill might say
And marks I'll offer nought.
And tic tac toe, as you were taught,
I'll noughts and crosses play.

With zero and X I'll fill a line,
Feel taut as play progresses.
A win you see is far from mine
A thing I oft confesses.

Such skill as mine is rarely sought
For pencil and paper I use.
And these old things, they may confuse.
For "nothing" I will use naught.

And now you make a polite cough
As you weary of my rhyme.
And here I'll save a little time -
With rough use of enough...

Joseph [:-) Note: cough (coff) does not rhyme with enough (enuff), though rough (ruff) does. -ah! those old -ough- -augh- words.]

I've naught used the hashtag ??since I quit playing tic tac toe and using them tends to make me cross. ( Joseph, how did I do?)

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Subject: [puny] Quick Update Re: Topic Lines #administrivia

I've made a tiny change to the system to prevent possible confusion when it comes to hashtags (I know, I know, enough with the hashtags already - you're right, I'm almost done). I've flipped the switch that will keep you from accidentally using anything but a pre-defined hashtag in your message topic line. In other words, you can't accidentally post the following:

Rogue Riddle #998 #RogueRiddle

What will happen is that the message will get bounced back to you. If that happens, remove the erroneous # sign from in front of the 998 and resend your message.

Thanks for putting up with all of this. I promise it will all be easier as time goes by. Here's looking at you, kid!

Lee Jackson, PUNY group Administrangler

Doug Spector

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