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joseph h

'Tis all for naught, as Old Bill might say
And marks I'll offer nought.
And tic tac toe, as you were taught,
I'll noughts and crosses play.

With zero and X I'll fill a line,
Feel taut as play progresses.
A win you see is far from mine
A thing I oft confesses.

Such skill as mine is rarely sought
For pencil and paper I use.
And these old things, they may confuse.
For "nothing" I will use naught.

And now you make a polite cough
As you weary of my rhyme.
And here I'll save a little time -
With rough use of enough...

Joseph [:-) Note: cough (coff) does not rhyme with enough (enuff), though rough (ruff) does. -ah! those old -ough- -augh- words.]

I've naught used the hashtag ??since I quit playing tic tac toe and using them tends to make me cross. ( Joseph, how did I do?)


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From: Lee Jackson
Sent: Nov 15, 2019 9:15 AM
Subject: [puny] Quick Update Re: Topic Lines #administrivia

I've made a tiny change to the system to prevent possible confusion when it comes to hashtags (I know, I know, enough with the hashtags already - you're right, I'm almost done). I've flipped the switch that will keep you from accidentally using anything but a pre-defined hashtag in your message topic line. In other words, you can't accidentally post the following:

Rogue Riddle #998 #RogueRiddle

What will happen is that the message will get bounced back to you. If that happens, remove the erroneous # sign from in front of the 998 and resend your message.

Thanks for putting up with all of this. I promise it will all be easier as time goes by. Here's looking at you, kid!

Lee Jackson, PUNY group Administrangler

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