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...and the winner is?

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On Nov 14, 2019, at 6:47 AM, Lee Jackson <LeeJackson@...> wrote:

I'm going to copy/paste the results from Rogue Riddle 997 here for Aaron, in the event that some of you didn't see them. Here's what I'm going to suggest for the future: when a Rogue Riddle is over, create a new thread for it from scratch (don't just rename the old thread and/or cut off the hashtag) so that your e-mail will go out to everyone, and so that replies will go to the list and not just back to you.

Without further ado, here's Aaron's solved riddle.

 === cut here ===

Here are the answers. I know you’ve been champing at the bit! As this goes out, I’m on a flight to Vegas, so watch the news for any crashes. If there are none, then expect an announcement of a winner later today.

• Scout proceeds to get the flock tipsy - To Kill a Mockingbird
• Tequila Mockingbird

• Having broken the window glass, Orson Welles perches in the frame to look over his empire - Citizen Kane
• Sit in/on the Pane (bonus points for “Sit in Zen Pane”)

• An artist creates a depiction of Scarlett, sitting next to a contraption made by Eli Whitney himself - Gone With the Wind
• Drawn with the Gin

• One of the most famous puppeteers in modern history gets stuck in a snowstorm - The Wizard of Oz
• The Blizzard of Oz

• After running across the country, the main character finds himself butt-naked in the woods - Forrest Gump
• Forrest Rump (he’s “butt" naked people! How did you not get this!?  :-)

• In an effort to get a dozen eggs in one day, the farmer proceeds to piss off his chickens - Twelve Angry Men
• Twelve Angry Hens

• In this moving biography, this movie depicts the journey of the famous Mr. Franklin as he realizes that he is transgendered - Ben-Hur
• Been Her (I accepted Ben-Her, too)

• Burt Lancaster is in the middle of making a movie, and finds out that his pregnant wife is in labor and already at the hospital. He RACES to see her - From Here to Eternity
• From Here to Maternity

• In this cult classic, Le Parisians are depicted rubbing their orange juice together to make heat - Pulp Fiction
• Pulp Friction (this was easily the hardest. That’s on me.)

• James Dean stars as a civil war soldier who discovers Santa isn’t real - Rebel Without a Cause
• Rebel Without a Claus

• Humphrey Bogart stars as a geological surveyor, assessing the length of a Mexican Mountain range - Treasure of the Sierra Madre
• Measuring (or Measure of) the Sierra Madre

• A classic adventure featuring teachers evaluating a dog with laryngitis - Raiders of the Lost Ark
• Graders of The Lost Bark (I also accepted “Trainers” of the Lost Bark)

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