142 Deadly Cyns


As we approach 1000 Rogue Riddles let's look at some of how we got here.

Cynthia has produced at least 142 Rogue Riddles for our entertainment! Talk about committing a Cyn. That is 14 percynt of all the rogues.

The Rogues started with and by Gary, but she too was an original Cyn cynse she produced RR's 3,4, and 5 after his 1,2, AND 3 and she never stopped Cynning.

Cyn also first corrected a public guess on RR #2, and kept going creating rogues and correcting public guesses with "not to the lust" comments. Is list one of the 7?

I think I have might have solved some of Cyns rogues. Does that abSOLVE me of Cyn? The rogues are contained in the archives of the new web host. Take a look and realize that most everyone that has ever played the rogue game has been living with Cyn. One hundred weeks of living in Cyn!

the other Gary

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