moderated Re: Rogue Riddle 997 - I made a small error

joseph h

Adjusts monocle on right eye. "Harrumph". Snorts while warming backside against the large open fire. "There is a small set of volumes known as the OED, which stands for Oxford English Dictionary. It has a certain reputation.... Its judgement is "judgement -gment n." Removes monocle and polishes it with silk handkerchief from top jacket pocket. "And crisps are flat round things, while chips are elongated square cross sections of potato, which are at least1/4 inch (5mm) on a cross section side, fried; there are also slivers of potato, fried, known as French Fries --- ugh!" Picks up glass of water to put out burning coat tail. Meanwhile the jury has developed an appetite, and is out to lunch...


On 10/11/2019 8:45 am, Cynthia MacGregor wrote:


Whaaaat? I wasn???t completely clear? That???s a new one on me. Just ask my wife. I never make errors in communication (or judgement)!!


Or spelling (like ???judgment???)



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