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joseph h

Well, at least the ghost follows the real appearance. This ghost is therefore just an echo, and if you reply via Gary, then echo answers.


On 09/11/2019 10:53 pm, gary hallock wrote:
Apparently Aaron is still on PUNY probation so I???m ghost-posting this for him. Please remember to respond directly to him and not to me or to PUNY. Presumably he will??

Ghost, please.??


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From:??Aaron Fasel <aaronpf@...>
Date:??November 9, 2019 at 3:00:14 PM CST
Subject:??[puny] Rogue Riddle 997 - Moving Plotz

???The usual disclaimer: Don???t forget to send your responses to me only, not to the group. My email address is??aaronpf@.... Don???t change the subject line or it is likely I will miss it.

Although I???m new to this list, I???d wager this is a common puzzle format with this group. Below I have described the basic plot of a dozen famous movies and all you need to do is provide the name. In each case I PROMISE that you have either seen it or at least heard of it. It is unlikely that you will need to research the clues.

Scoring is simple: One point for each answer that matches mine, and two points for answers that are not the same, but make me laugh or are objectively better.

Actually, you have NEVER seen these movies, because the titles have been changed in a pun-tactic manner. For example:

  • In this film, Clarice Starling insists that the egomaniacal pigs get off the stage and shut up
    • Silence of the Hams??

Easy enough? Let???s begin. (We???ll start off with an easy one.)

  • Scout proceeds to get the flock tipsy
    • ________________________________________________

  • Having broken the window glass, Orson Welles perches in the frame to look over his empire
    • ________________________________________________

  • An artist creates a depiction of Scarlett, sitting next to a contraption made by Eli Whitney himself
    • ________________________________________________

  • One of the most famous puppeteers in modern history gets stuck in a snowstorm
    • ________________________________________________

  • After running across the country, the main character finds himself butt-naked in the woods
    • ________________________________________________

  • In an effort to get a dozen eggs in one day, the farmer proceeds to piss off his chickens
    • ________________________________________________

  • In this moving biography, this movie depicts the journey of the famous Mr. Franklin as he realizes that he is transgendered.
    • ________________________________________________

  • James Dean is in the middle of making a movie, and finds out that his pregnant wife is in labor and already at the hospital. He RACES in his little sports car to see her.
    • ________________________________________________

  • In this cult classic, Parisians are depicted rubbing their orange juice together to make heat.
    • ________________________________________________

  • James Dean (again!) stars as a civil war soldier who discovers Santa isn???t real
    • ________________________________________________

  • Humphrey Bogart stars as a geological surveyor, assessing the length of a Mexican Mountain range
    • ________________________________________________

  • A classic adventure featuring teachers evaluating a dog with laryngitis
    • ________________________________________________

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