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gary hallock

By failing to weigh in on this discussion, I am apparently failing in my presumed capacity as “feeder.” This ends now.

Firstly, I want to issue a large vote of thanks and confidence to Lee Jackson for taking this bull by the horns and getting us such a smooth transition to IO. 

Secondly, I will address the issue of what the museum name is. The O.Henry Home and Museum (a.k.a. O.Henry Museum) still has the same name as it ever did. About 10 years ago the renovation and relocation of the Susanna Dickinson Museum onto Brush Square brought it under the same curatorship as the O.Henry, but these are still identified as individual buildings and individual museums.

Complicating all of this is the little-known fact that a 3rd small museum is also located in Brush Square, The Austin Fire Museum. This is a collection housed in one room of the fire station which itself is now a historic building and very well may someday become a museum visitor center.

The non-profit supporting group which was formerly known as “Friends of O.Henry” is now formally known as The Brush Square Museums Foundation(BSMF)

The Annual O.Henry Pun-Off World Championships are co-produced by PARD and BSMF with the assistance of PUNY. 

For the record, Brush Square was dedicated as one of Austin’s original 4 downtown park blocks which defined an equidistant grid boxing in the state Capitol building. (Only three of these parks still remain, the other two being Woodbridge and Republic Square)

These 3 parks are owned and operated by the City of Austin, and managed by their Parks and Recreation Department. (PARD) The Museums are staffed by city employees and volunteer docents.

Some trivia about Pun-Off and PUNY

As Gary Hallock has officially retired from active management of the event, the formal producer of the Pun-Off these days is David Gugenheim. gug9000@...

Official website for all things Pun-Off relevant are as follows. Any of these three variations take you to the same site, which is where folks flock to sign up on April 1st for the contestant lottery.

We also have two Facebook sites where people can come to occasionally post and play games. One is for sharing Pun-Off news and pun-related tidbits.
The other is almost exclusively for punny banter and games. 

To my knowledge PUNY has no formal presence on Instagram, Twitter or other social media. We are, however open to the prospect that someone might wish to make this so. Volunteers?

We also have a presence on That is desperately in need of updating. 

On whatever platform people visit or post, we prefer to use the hashtag #PunOffATX


About my supposed philosophy/guidelines for postings to PUNY, I should like to clarify. 

Hopeful of preserving the purity of our original wordplay, I initially suggested that we spin off a sub-group for discussions that might degenerate into tedium and trivia. This was to avoid cluttering up our freewheeling spontaneous banter. It never really presented much of a problem, but it has occasionally been very useful to have this as an alternate channel of communication and discussion. 

So far as I am concerned, there is no problem at all if we make non-punny posts on the PUNY main line, so long as they are essentially about puns, punning, linguistics etc. As we are all hard-core punsters, any such discussion that gets very serious, probably won’t stay serious for long. 

The main thing that always concerned me is/was preserving the notion that we area gang of pun originators and creative word players. Naturally we are also consumers, but what we don’t need are reposted stories, quips or tired old memes from other sources.

The occasional pun-based limerick is certainly welcome and expected, but some of us tend to thrive on verse, while for some, the obverse is true. This is why we long-ago split off the Limerick & Haiku list. Many of us continue to subscribe and play on both simultaneously. I am satisfied with the status quo on this and look forward to seeing most of the hard core PUNY folks also migrate over to the L&H list as well. 

That’s enough for me from now. 

Thanks for your indulgences.

Gary (Leerless Feeder) Hallock


On Nov 6, 2019, at 8:49 AM, Cynthia MacGregor <Cynthia@...> wrote:

I get the British pound sign with Opt + 3 on my Mac: £


Make it a splendiferous day!


Cynthia ("Cyn") MacGregor

Freelance writer/editor


Pass a smile along


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It's lucky(?) you have  Brit on here to discuss pound signs... I believe in the US a hashtag is used for pound weight; however the ancient and good old pound sterling, a.k.a. GBP is a different kettle of fish, yes... thus £ is made with Alt + 0163 [possibly on the numbers pad if you have one]. Unfortunately a UK keyboard user, innocently using the caps pound sign  [numbers row above 3], returns for Americans a #, which may be why it is often used by Americans for the limping, but not down £. Now, on the Brit keyboard, the hashtag is at the end of the asdf row, thus #. what did that return for you?




On 06/11/2019 2:30 pm, Lee Jackson wrote:

1. The info on is rather ambiguous. It refers to the O. Henry Museum, the O. Henry and Susanna Dickinson Museums, and the Brush Square Museums, all on the same page. I don't know which one to incorporate into the FAQ/Guidelines, so I've left it at the first reference for now.

Gary, if you're out there, SPEAK UP, PLEASE.

2. Personally, I've been cool with any kind of posts concerning the O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships. Gary is the one who wanted to split off P-OWC discussions, but I never saw a need as listowner. Maybe it's time to start making subgroups, as we discussed back on Yahoo.

Again, Gary, if you're out there, SPEAK UP, PLEASE.

BTW, I used the hashtag function wrong. I should have put them into the topic line instead of into the message body. It's too late to remedy that now - it only works for the first message of the thread. C'est la guerre.

BTW Number 2 - be careful using pound signs in your subject lines for things like numbers (e.g., #40, etc.) and so on. will interpret them as message hashtags and will index them. If you write your message wrong, there's a possibility that your thread could get auto-deleted by the system. I'd suggest reading the help article on hashtags here: .

On 11/6/2019 8:05 AM, Cynthia MacGregor wrote:

Two comments:


1 – I believe the O. Henry Museum has a new name—something incorporating the Susannah Dickinson Museum or something like that. Check with Leerless Feeder.


2 – Leerless Feeder has always discouraged non-punny posts. Your FAQ says something about discussions re puns or some such. I believe this was always not welcome.


Thank you again for your tireless efforts.

Make it a splendiferous day!


Cynthia ("Cyn") MacGregor

Freelance writer/editor


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Date: Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 8:38 AM
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Subject: [puny] New FAQ / Guidelines


With the transition to comes a rewritten FAQ and guidelines. These are viewable at I'd appreciate it if you'd take a moment, give the new document a gander, and see if it needs goosing anywhere.

Thanks for your time.

Lee Jackson, PUNY group Administrangler
Visit the PUNY and O. Henry Museum Web Sites!

Lee Jackson, PUNY group Administrangler
Visit the PUNY and O. Henry Museum Web Sites!


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