PUNY Group Header Photo Needed #photo

Lee Jackson

If you've ever visited our Groups.io home page at https://groups.io/g/puny, you'll have seen a photo at the top of the page. Prior to a day or two ago, it was a photo of a herd of elephants. I've since replaced it with an upscaled photo from http://punoff.com, but the upscaling made it look grainy.

What I need is a photo that is 900 pixels wide by 300 pixels high. It can be bigger than that, but it needs to be of the same aspect ratio or at least have an area I can crop out and resize down to 900x300. I'd prefer a native 900x300 picture, of course. Said photo needs to be PUNY/P-OWC-related. I've asked our Leerless Feeder for one, but I'm afraid he might be too busy to provide one. I am therefore throwing the request open to the general membership.

Please use JPG compression for the smallest possible size, and upload the photos to the album in the Photos section of our Groups.io site named PUNY Group Cover Photos. I will select the best photo in my opinion, use it for the cover photo, and delete the rest after 30 days to save disk space (sorry), so make sure you keep your local copy.

By entering this little to-do, you hereby grant all of the usual ridiculous nonsense that allows me to show your picture ad infinitum on the PUNY Groups.io home page. No take-backs, and no, no one's getting any money from this gig, myself included.

Thank you for your help! Please start uploading!

Lee Jackson, PUNY group Administrangler
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