moderated ROGUE RIDDLE # 986: hobo president

James Ertner

I like my answer better: Barack O-bum-a!


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I am awaiting word from this week’s winner as to whether he will host next weekend. If not, the second-place player stands ready to post this coming weekend’s Rogue.


The winner is Kirk, with three bingos. Runner-up is Lars, also with three bingos but achieved after Kirk’s three. In third place is Jim E. with two. Missing is everyone else.




FAMOUS NAMES – There is no special category that the names all fit into. They just should all be recognizable.


1 – The first Jewish president


Abraham Lincohen


2 – Actor famous for controlling his horse


Burt Reinolds


3 – Hobo president


Donald Tramp


4 – Part-time actress and part-time automobile


Deborah Car


5 – Writer who brought food to female relatives


Miguel  Serve Aunties


6 – Weaponized president


Ronald Ray Gun


7 -  Songwriter who shivered incessantly


Cold Porter


8 – Very usual singer noted for her headwear


Common Miranda


9 – Writer into unusual sex acts


Stephen Kink


10 – Singer and sideshow barker


Carny Francis


11 – Writer who created ditches in his spare time


Charles Diggin’s



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