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joseph h

As the wild geese fly
Message and horizon meet
Spam is canned

Joseph (haiku fakir)

I was starting to feel a tad rotten
Thinking I'd been lost and forgotten

Every so often, I'd post a pun
Without any replies, not even one!

Were they so bad--had I been canned
Was there a secret vote--was I banned?

Did it leak that I voted 'Trump'
The reason I was thrown on my rump?

My mind raced with many wild thoughts
Over analyzing trying to connect dots.

I've still been posting but just on Facebook
Where friends only give it one quick look

Unappreciated for almost a year
"Would Puny have me back?" was my fear.

I reached out to Lars,Gary and Kirk
Who offered advice to make it work

They were right, it was only my Spam
Tweaked the filters and then BAM!

I'm back online, running and up
Time is now to play some ketchup!

Doug Spector (backin' the sad-owl)
I take it you received your mail.
It seems your mail is out of jail.
You found your mail and set it free.
What was the cause? What could it be?
What steps can you take to ensure
Your filter knows our mail is pure?
Though sometimes hammy it???s not spam.
Your filter should not give a damn.
This problem???s large. It is not puny.
Your haywire filter???s turned all looney.
Can you take steps to guarantee
Your filter will let our mail be?
If so, I hereby am portending
Your story has a happy ending..
Am I Sam
Or Am I Spam?
Spam I Am

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