moderated ROGUE RIDDLE #978 (BINGO & REVEAL)

gary hallock

Sorry for my lack of blow-by-blow updates. It’s been a hectic week complicated by a holiday and some home renovations which have restricted access to my usual 
“computer nest” where posting to PUNY is my “comfort food.” 

A healthy handful of players dove into this game with 3 of you metaphorically knocking it “out of the park.” I won’t go into tedious detail here as it’s not likely to be very entertaining. Still, I do like to offer public congrats and thanks to all who participated and made the exercise worth my while. 

First to kill the set was Lars who is unable to claim. Hot on his heels was Bill Crider, who reluctantly claims, although I can’t imagine how he has time to host this weekend.  Although time zones aren’t much of an obstacle for her, I believe Cynthia’s sleep cycle is probably closer to Europe than Texas. Although it was a struggle for her, I believe she did finally provide me with all 16 required answers, although I never saw her sheet spread.

Also in the game but not quite complete in their guessing were (in no particulate ardor) Jim Ertner, David Wyde, Stan Kegel, and the ever-elusive lurker, Dave Perry. 

That’s 7 players in total, which once again goes to show you that we do indeed have a “base” upon which to build (re-build) this game. The lesson we learn here is that we must keep the riddles accessible and fun, and the people will play. 

The answers I sought have been incorporated into the riddle set below. Thank you for playing. Watch for Bill Crider to post RR #979 sometime this weekend.

ROGUE RIDDLE #978 (Posted June 30, 2019 @ 10am central)


The theme, if there must be one, is sound effects. Below you will see a list of 12 simple sentences, each containing one or more BLANK spaces. Fill each of these with the a "sound word" that will be both appropriate to the subject of the sentence and also complete the statement in a somewhat logical way. Just to be sure this game wasn’t going to be too simple, I’ve made the last few statements a bit more complex by giving them multiple blanks. This means your completed worksheet should have 16 words. 

First player with all (or most) correct answers can claim the RR #979 next week. 


0. Birds are not very expensive to feed. In fact toucan live as CHEEP as swan. 


1. I needed some more honey but my hives were empty. I had to catch a BUZZ and head to the store.

2. When I stepped on her tail, I didn’t think the cat was hurt, but she loudly said to MEOW. 

3. Most of my hens lay an egg every morning but my rooster lays hens around the CLUCK.

4. The three little pigs moved into their new homes before the OINK was even dry on their contracts. 

5. Donald Duck was addicted to QUACK so he couldn’t pay his bill.

6. The young weasel called his parents “Mom & POP.”

7. Kermit the frog went to drug store to buy a condom. The clerk asked if he wanted just the plain ones or something special? He answered one word, “RIBBET.”

8. If you were to slightly undercook a sir lion steak, you might say it was done medium-ROAR.

9. Sure, it’s all well and good to let a sleeping dog lie, but mine is so lazy I had to wake him up ARF a dozin’ times last week.

10. If you hear a wolf or an owl but can’t tell which one made the noise, HOWL you ever decide HOOT was?

11.. My pony is getting a little hoarse. In fact I think he may be catching a colt because he just threw ACHOO WHINY sneezed.

12. Every time our elephant president has an idea he will TRUMPET on social media. This started to depress me but then a little blue bird came along. “CHIRP,” said the little blue bird. "Have some comfort food. You’ll feel better once you’ve had something TWEET."

1. #### BUZZ
2. #### MEOW
3. #### CLUCK
4. #### OINK
5. #### QUACK
6. #### POP
7. #### RIBBET
8. #### ROAR
9. #### ARF
10 #### HOWL / HOOT
11 #### ACHOO / WHINY

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