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Killing the Rogues would almost certainly spell the death of PUNY as a YahooGroup. It’s practically the only thing we’re still doing with any sort of vigor. It’s frustrating to expend tremendous effort into creating and hosting and get so little feedback, however, the Rogues are occasionally well received even when when they are not well conceived.  Hard to know what the magic formula might be. Different strokes for different folks! 

My impression is that many among us perceive it as a burden to create and host and are thus hesitant to play, as they might be expected to claim and host. Of course this isn’t true, but that probably doesn’t keep it from being an inhibiting factor. 

Of course there’s Nothing wrong with experimenting with alternate forms of riddling, however I don’t think that Cyn’s creative challenge last week even begins to fall into the category of a riddle. (This is not why I failed to participate) I felt bad for needing to ignore it, and under other circumstances and timing I would enjoy participating such an exercise but it’s just not a good concept for a riddle. 

Gary Hallock

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Thanks Cyn, for the explanation. I’d like to think/hope the Group wants to get to 1000 before retirement, since it is more of a milestone than, say 977. And, furthermore, I’d hate to be the last person to host! :-)



The # 997 means what you think, and perhaps the game IS getting stale. We have changed the format over the years, but we dropped the weekday “F” Riddles some years ago due to burnout and lessened participation, and perhaps it is time to think of retiring the Rogue.


Who wants to see us get to # 1000 and stop, and who wants to see us go on?


Myself, I’m ambivalent.


Make it a splendiferous day!


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That’s all I hear when I open my email account on Yahoo!, expecting to see some new players for Rogue Riddle 977. I hope that those in this Group have seen it, along with my latest set of hints. I had two early players, and one person indicate they had other things going on that precluded their participation. But that’s my only “feedback”.

As I am still rather new to this Group, is this a usual occurrence when one hosts a RR? I’m wondering, too, if this “game” is perhaps getting stale? If the number 977 means what I think it does, that’s almost 19 years of riddles.

Anyhoo, the RR 977 game will continue until solved, and claimed. If you need more hints, feel free to email.


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