moderated Rogue Riddle 975 - Something to crow about

Kirk Miller

Each of the 12 limericks below contains one or more missing words.  Supply the missing words.  The person with the most correct answers wins.


Crows at Christmastime don't have the blahs,

And the reason is simply be-caws

            While they sleep Christmas eve,

            They are sure they'll receive

Lots of gifts from the famed _______   _______.


Answer:  Santa Caws



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The crows' charity benefit draws

Many donors and lots of applause.

            I asked, "Why give money?"

            She said to me, "Honey,

People know it is for a _______   _______."



Baby crow has a face that is dour

'Cause the food mommy fed tasted sour.

            It's a veggie that's white

            But just doesn't taste right.

Baby crow doesn't like ­_______-_______.



Crow committed some major faux pas.

What he did was against many laws.

            His fowl talk was a shame.

            A policeman then came

To arrest him on _______   _______.



Many birds in the trees have been talking

About what crows are doing; it's shocking.

            To waterproof a nest,

            Crows say that what the best

Kind of sealant to use is _______-_______.



If you don't like a pun, I presume

When you read these five lines, you will fume.

            This last Halloween,

            A crow had been seen;

He was wearing a graveyard _______-_______.



When the crow died and took its last breath,

Siblings wondered just why.  Was it meth?

            The autopsy said

            The reason's he's dead

Methamphetamine use: _______   _______   _______.



Crow once sat on a phone wire be-caws

He intended to talk to macaws

            That were friends far away

            On the edge of LA.

He was making some _______   _______   _______.



In a flock of some crows, there is one

That is constantly making a pun.

            He's an outcast, you see.

            When they fly to a tree,

Other crows will proceed with _______-_______.



I know of a crow that's a robber

Whose victims he always will clobber.

            He is gruesome and grim,

            So what folks say 'bout him:

Crow's actions are really _______-_______-_______.



If crows uttered harsh cries, you'd expect

Other birds would most likely detect

            There was something amiss,

            And such actions as this

Would result in some _______   _______   _______.



There's a crow that I know, a Malaysian

That I met on a special occasion.

            He's not black, but instead

            From his tail to his head

Is light coloring; he's a _______-_______.



At a meeting of crows in Caracas,

They became rather rowdy and raucous.

            This political group

            Then decided to swoop

Down to trees and conducted a _______-_______.



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