moderated Rogue Riddle #973 - Status and Clue Set #3

Lars Hanson



     The status remains unchanged – Chris Gross and Kirk Miller are in the lead, followed by Jim Ertner. Each has a few bingos.  


   As noted yesterday, most riddles remain unattempted.  Riddles 2, 4, 6, 10, 13, and 19 have each been solved at least once.  Riddles 1 and 12 have been attempted, but not solved.


Clue Set #1: In an effort to spur some activity, letter counts are provided for the first ten riddles.


Clue Set #2: Letter counts are provided for the last ten riddles.


Clue Set #3: Clues are provided for the unsolved riddles.




Rogue Riddle #973

Potpourri II


    It is Memorial Day weekend, so it seems appropriate to have a series of riddles which memorialize an unbroken chain of rogue riddles.  In that light, today’s riddles are completely unrelated, but represent a sample of the various types of riddles which have been created over the past eighteen-and-a-half years.


    No samples are provided, as the variety of riddles precludes any particular example being relevant for all.  The riddles include plain puns, a limerick, some Spoonerisms, a word split, a daffynition, and one instance in which the syllables of one answer are reversed to obtain the other answer.


    Both the punned and unpunned answers are required for full credit for answering any riddle (except for the limerick).


    N.B.: The use of the word BLANK does not indicate how many words are involved, only that there is a blank space which must be filled by one or more words.  Also, if the word “blank” is preceded by “a”, that does not indicate that the word or words being sought begin with a vowel.


    There are twenty riddles below.  Because of the Memorial Day weekend, the Rogue Riddle will run until midnight EDT on Wednesday, 29 May 2019.  As usual, the first person to solve all the riddles will be declared the winner.  If no one has solved all the riddles by midnight EDT on Tuesday, the one with the most correct answers will be declared the winner and will host Rogue Riddle #974 next week.


    Now, on to the riddles….




1.  What is the difference between the Hagia Sofia and an annoying summer buzzer?
     (6, 6 / 9)  This involves a vernacular pronunciation.
     Where is the Hagia Sophia?  What s it?  Now scramble the syllables.


2.  What is the difference between a baseball team and one who likes to find Chinese cookware?
      (5, 3 / 5, 4)


3.  The restaurant chef was eager for a raise, but could not get the owners attention.  Finally he began arranging striking arrays of cookware with notes requesting his pay be increased.  These displays truly were BLANK.
      (3, ‘1’, 5 / 9)
       Several items of cookware with entreaties on them laid out in striking arrays.


4.  Speaking of baseball, when he tells people who his team is, they ask why he likes bugs?
      (4 / 5)


5.  A cleric of note he has been
      In the islands Philippine.
      To an unfortunate name
      He has to lay claim --
      The famous BLANK BLANK.
       (8, 3) 
       The name of a senior cleric in the Philippines.


6.  Is it true the ancient BLANK were only a one-season people?
      (9 / 10)


7.  The Zionist dream BLANK.
      (2, 4 / 6)
      Name of a country punned with a phrase for actual existence.


8.  They thought he was from Babylon, but actually he’s BLANK.
      (1, 6 / 8)
      A man from Babylon is a BLANK. Historically, his foe would have been a BLANK.


9.  What’s the difference between the names of Greer and an ancient king?
      (6 / 6)
      Greer BLANK.  Ancient king with syllables reversed.


10.      There was a long line at the mountain, causing many to wonder if would they would BLANK.
            (4, 4 / 7)


11.      What is the difference between the armed ships of a Persian Gulf country and a United States armed vessel?
           (5, 5, 5 / 5, 5, 6)
           Armed ships along a shoreline in both cases.


12.      Speaking of mountains, getting to the top can be BLANK difficult.
           (6 / 4, 4 or 8)
           Top of a mountain.


13.      In baseball, there are those who can pull quickly, and those who are the recipients of such jerks.  The latter are known as BLANK.


14.      What is the difference between a cervine species and a drunken cetacean?
            (9, 4 / 5, 5, 4)
            Cervine?  Cetacean? A Spoonerism.


15.      What is the difference between a beamy, gaff-rigged small boat and a vestment for a flying mammal?
              (7 / 3, 4)
             What might a flying mammal wear (if flying mammals wore garments)?


16.      The arrangement for the ocular transplant was perfect.  Yes, the BLANK was BLANK.
            (3, 4 / 5)
            Ocular + agreement.


17.      What is the difference between a particular amphibolic mineral and the sound of a brass quartet?
            (10 / 4, 5)
            What instruments play in a brass quartet?


18.      It looks as though this ancient warlike nation of southwest Asia consisted of backwards men.  Could that have been so? 
            (4 / 4)
            One word is the other in reverse.


19.      BLANK:  A country of single men.  (Of course, nothing much ever happens there!)
            (4, 6 / 10)


20.     Outside the bar, the man clung tightly to the square column for support.  Clearly he was BLANK.
           (10 / 9)
           What is the word for a square column?




    Please remember to tell me on your first guesses whether or not you are willing to host the next Rogue Riddle.


    And, as always, it is always great to see new faces here, whether or not you want to host next week’s Rogue Riddle!


    The purpose here is to have fun, so feel free to submit guesses and comments as they occur to you.  Guessing incurs no obligation to host, so get in the game!


    Please remember, do not hit REPLY, but instead address all guesses, surmises, suppositions, estimates, conjectures, SWAG’s, stabs, pokes, and other such directly to me at:


    Have fun!



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