moderated ROGUE RIDDLE #972 - Animal Verbs (Bingo & Reveal)

gary hallock

This riddle seemed jinxed from the gecko as it purported to be about animal verbs, yet it was really only about puns on names of animals who have lent their names to verbs. Add to that the fact that I accidentally shared a quarter of my answers in the initial posting and it’s easy to see where I ran off the rails. Of course it didn’t help much that I posted no follow up clues or updates, which is apparently far more important than is making riddles simple or entertaining.

We had only three players logging in this week. Cynthia was quick out of the gate but knocked out only a small cluster. Jim Ertner made an earnest volley but earned only a single kill. Tenacious Lars Hanson came in late but came on strong, eventually knocking out the entire set and claiming the kill including the ultra-ellusive number 8. Watch for Lars to post RR #973 some day this weekend.

The full set of required answers is furnished below. 

Thank you for playing.

Gary Hallock


ROGUE RIDDLE #972 - Animal Verbs - Launched Sunday, May 19, 2019 @11am central


Below you will see a set of 12 brief riddle questions, each with a single BLANK that requires filling. The theme here is ANIMAL VERBS, which is to say that every correct answer will be the name of a creature whose name is also occasionally used as a verb. The switch here is that in nearly all of these offerings, I have merely punned on the animal name in a non-verb way, essentially neutralizing the entire reason for creating this theme. Still, I expect this will help you narrow down your candidates for fowling in my blanks. Enjoy!

First player with the most (or all) kills wins the honor of hosting the Rogue next week. 

Sample question number zero

0. - [Emcee speaking:] I’d like to introduce you to a very earthy fellow who has just joined the cast of the underground. Let's give him a BLANK welcome to our stage here at Club Compost.
#### WORM


1. - If your lovebird’s mate goes missing, you may want to BLANK with another.

2. - The paranoid shepherd boy with the overactive imagination was forever sticking his neck out and BLANK “Wolf!"
#### CRANE

3. - If someone offers you a crustacean dinner, you should BLANK the opportunity.
#### CRAB

4. - It’s really too BLANK afraid to hunt those fierce furry animals. Their pelts are quite valuable.

5. - It’s said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but still it BLANK-ears flattery will get your prime mate nowhere.
#### APE

6. - BLANK-da world can I make you stop pestering me?
#### HOUND

7. - "The door to the monastery is locked for a reason,” said the friar. "Please don’t BLANK with it."

8. - We’re suckers for a sob story, yet still BLANK to customers who obviously don’t intend to pay their bill. 

9. - A burglar broke into the herpetology clinic and made off with several valuable specimens. It must have been a BLANK thief. 
#### SNAKE

10. - When Lady GaGa reads bedtime stories to her little infant she often uses baby talk. That’s right, the young mother BLANK. 
#### GOOSE

11. - "I came out of the shower stark naked just to answer the phone,” he said. "I’m in the BLANK."

12. - All the chicks will be safe in the henhouse tonight unless someone BLANK things up.
#### FOX

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