moderated Rogue Riddle 971--Reveal and winner status

Cynthia MacGregor

Late entrant David Wyde got three bingos, thus earning winner status, but as he cannot host next weekend, that honor falls to runner-up Gary Hallock, our Leerless Feeder, who got his two bingos earlier than Chris got his two—and Chris also can't host next week anyhow.


Here are the answers to these toughies




Mish-mash: Unthemed, but you need both the target and the pun to score a complete point.


1 – Jews eat their safeguards




2 – Latin, meaning if you get angry you’ll tell an untruth


Tempus fugit/tempers fudge it


3 – Former VP sick all the time, reported in newspaper


Chronicle/Chronic Al


4 – Means of communicating musically from the grain storage facility


Xylophone/silo phone


5 – That clothing is so old it needs to be disposed of


Garbage/garb age


6 – The water-borne craft all had alphabetic designations. This one had an animal for its mast




7 – This name is very often given to Latino babies


Common/Carmen (This one’s for you, Bob D!)


8 – This Italian meat—or is it a veggie?—is raring to go!


Avocado/avid cotto


9 – I have only greenbacks, no credit cards, to buy this expensive wool sweater


Mere cash/cashmere


10 – The Romans drove this horse-powered boat for the first time


Chariot/cherry yacht



Make it a splendiferous day!


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