moderated ROGUE RIDDLE 971

Cynthia MacGregor

Only two players—Chris Gross has joined Leerless Feeder—each has 2 bingos.


The game ends tomorrow when I get up (early!). The Pun-Off is over, Mother's Day is over—jump in!




Mish-mash: Unthemed, but you need both the target and the pun to score a complete point.


1 – Jews eat their safeguards




2 – Latin, meaning if you get angry you’ll tell an untruth


6 5/7 5 2


3 – Former VP sick all the time, reported in newspaper


9/7 2


4 – Means of communicating musically from the grain storage facility


9/4 5


5 – That clothing is so old it needs to be disposed of


7/4 3


6 – The water-borne craft all had alphabetic designations. This one had an animal for its mast




7 – This name is very often given to Latino babies




8 – This Italian meat—or is it a veggie?—is raring to go!


7/4 5


9 – I have only greenbacks, no credit cards, to buy this expensive wool sweater


4 4/8


10 – The Romans drove this horse-powered boat for the first time


7/6 5



Make it a splendiferous day!


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