moderated Re: Random hump day puns

gary hallock

If the drum solo contest ends in a tie ~ there are bound to be repercussions.


Spike Lee is making a film about a nun who is trying to kick a bad drug addiction. 

"She's Gotta Habit.

If the mechanic installed her tires backwards, might that rubber the wrong way?

Apple computers are good for math students who need to take a make-up test. ~ Why? Macs Factor!


Gary Hallock

= = = = =


I went to the fair and stopped at one of the booths to buy a goodie. As I bit into it, it started talking to me! "Go ahead. Bite into me. You don't care if you hurt me, do you? You're thoughtless and cruel. And you have no taste in clothes. Where did you get that dress? And that haircut is pathetic!" By mistake I had bought a candid apple.


Cyn MacGregor


You should have tried the complimentary peanuts!

Gary Hallock

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