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Lars Hanson

In school I had a fifth-grade teacher named Ken Komoski.  He told the story of having been in class as a child himself one day at the beginning of school.  The student roll had been printed by  hand, last name first, and the teacher was trying to match each name with the student.

    The teacher surveyed the class with a puzzled look.  Apparently she was looking for an Asian student, but saw none.  Finally she asked the class if anyone had seen an Asian boy, Komi Ski Ken.

    Slowly the problem dawned on Ken....

    Mr. Komoski used the incident as a reminder of the importance of not putting unintended breaks in words.




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Checking "Key of the Door" brought to mind a version of name play; I'm not quite sure what it might be called. there was a comedian, who wrote music hall songs, and may have performed in music halls as well. My faint memory of him was on radio.

The name Nosmo King -- the origin No Smoking; from the days when railway trains had a compartment in each coach labelled No Smoking.


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