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gary hallock

[Here’s your birthday blast from the past - Enjoy - I will post results a bit later. Gary]

Gary Hallock


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WELCOME TO "SICK SHOOTERS," the PUNY virtual version of O.Henry's
High-Lies & Low-Puns.  As hinted before, I'll toss out a topic and
everyone who wants to play will respond with his/her favorite or best
puns on that topic. (limited to three entries per person)

This is an experiment in the potential for PUNY e-mail participation.
Since this not a text of your extemporaneous or improvisational
abilities,  we obviously can not use the same rules that apply at the

While it is okay for each individual submission to contain more than a
single pun I must beg of you to please DO NOT take the topic and do it
to death in story style.  Any single submission may include several
sentences of "set-up" if needed, but what will impress the judges are
clean & witty one-liner type puns that don't sound contrived and don't
take a great leap of logic or linguistics to appreciate. What we're
looking for is something that you might offer if you were in excellent
form on stage at the O.Henry Pun-Off. (The kind of clever things you
think of just after you get gonged out.)

As with the O.Henry Pun-Off, we will expect you NOT to make your puns
based directly upon a word or words that have already been used either
by you or by another contestant.  In the event of duplicate sumissions
within the same round, the judges must assume the possibility that the
duplication was unavoidable and each submission will be judged upon its
individual merit.  Since all submissions will be immediately posted to
everyone on the PUNY majordomo mailing list, it will not be difficult
for all participants to meet this requirement.  Those who can't, may
risk disqualification.

Unlike the O.Henry Pun-Off, the quality and cleverness of your puns will
be much more important than their quantity or rapidity.  If you are a
great punster but for some reason have been too inhibited to compete in
the O.Henry events, this may be just the place for you to shine.  I
don't know if we are prepared to (or allowed to) offer any prizes for
this, so let's worry about that later.  I'm much more interested in
creating a little interactive wordplay among our subscribers and seeing
if we can make it worth everyone's while to be signed up.

Assuming there are sufficient responses, a panel of judges will evaluate
all the submissions and determine which offerings rate as the cream of
the crop.  Also assuming a significant number of responses, we will then
go into round two.  The authors of the top ranking sumissions from round
#1 will be asked to again submit more puns on the same topic in round
#2. You may want to save your "killer puns" for round two.

Round two will begin on Thursday evening when the survivors of round #1
are announced.  The field of participants having narrowed, the response
time will also be reduced. The deadline for round #2 will be Noon,
Sunday, July 29, 1997. (As participation grows, a third round may be

- - - - - - - GARY HALLOCK - - - - - - -

This week's topic is "NAUTICAL TERMS"

The deadline for round #1 is Noon, (CDT) Thursday, July 26, 1997.

Limit three entries per player per round of competition.  Please submit
each entry as a separate e-message.

Please post all sumissions as a direct reply to this message with the
subject title "SICK SHOOTERS (7/22/97)."

Because I doubt I'll have time to digest them for you, please don't
forget to share all your contest entries with everyone on the P.U.N.Y
list <puny@....> (This is usually accomplished by
clicking on the "reply all" button.)

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