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gary hallock

Six players engaged in this week’s game. Most are the usual suspects and all doing pretty well. Although a few of these riddles are trickier than others, each has been solved by at least one player, which leads me to believe that a set of public clues will not be especially useful. If you are a contender and wish to surge ahead, please post me further swags and I will respond with informative hints privately.

Current player standings are as follows...

Lars 13 kills
Kirk 10 kills
David W. 10 kills
Bill C. 10 kills
Chris 9 kills
Can 8 kills

Thank you for continuing to play,


Rogue Riddle #967(Launched April 14, 2019 @ 11am central) 

Submit all guesses, gripes, groans & guffaws directly to <gary@...>

Below you will find a collection of 15 brief riddle questions all on the same theme. Most contain a single BLANK which can be filled to complete the sentence in a punny way. The theme is ANIMAL BODY PARTS, which means your target words will be terms that generally do not apply to human anatomy. Otherwise it’s o-pun season, so all insects, fish, & mammals are fair game. A few of my target words may not be technically “body parts” as they are connected to reproductive cycle, but nonetheless are strongly associated with certain species. As the term “animal” is so broad, I have attempted to include some contextual clues in each set-up, but don’t depend on these applying to any of the specific creatures mentioned. 

Be the first to supply me with all (or most) of the answers I seek and you could win the dubious honor of claiming next weekend’s riddle for yourself. If you’d rather not claim, that’s okay, just tell me so when you submit your answer sheet and I’ll give you diplomatic im-PUN-ity. 

Submit all guesses, gripes, groans & guffaws directly to <gary@...>

( Free Sample Riddle )

0. - Before starting off on his road trip, the overweight pachyderm packed his spare tire in the BLANK. (####TRUNK)


1. - If you suspect your daughter might have a fever, just BLANK forehead

2. - When a serious artist goes shopping for a horsehair brush, quality is the BLANK thing they'll consider.

3. - The penguin and the dolphin at Sea World are both performing divas and are always quick to trade insults. Every chance she gets, the rude dolphin will BLANK the bird.  

4. - Small creatures of prey sometimes manage to evade predators by taking advantage of a legal loophole. They are protected by an escape BLANK.

5. - An empty tic-tac-toe grid upon which no play has yet occurred might look somewhat ike a hashtag, but punny biologists consider it an BLANK.

6. - The Eagles were looking for a new band member so they flew in a BLANK scout. 

7. - The flightless ostrich and kiwi are both birds. So are the soaring vulture and the condor. But are they "birds of a feather?" I suppose that’s a matter of a BLANK. 

8. - When it comes to reproduction, arachnid makes sense that some insects know BLANK BLANK-ly how to lay it on the line.

9.- Let’s pecker bags and head off to the apiary to study BLANK-keeping.

10. - At the top of every hour that damned little bird starts BLANK.

11. - When Queen Cleopatra was bitten on her breast by an asp, she broke out in song. “BLANK for the mammaries."

12. - A duck that walks a straight line? BLANK they think of next?

13. - Even though they’re very slow and gentle, sloths who live indoors occasionally BLANK the furniture.

14. - The Norse god lost his hammer and was really bugged that he would now be forced to use a different tool, his BLANK.

15. - On the heels of Tyco's big success with the Elmo doll, toymakers have come out with an interactive squeezable squid. Even though it only has 8 appendages, it can deliver BLANK.

Submit all guesses, gripes, groans & guffaws directly to <gary@...>

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