moderated Ides of March

James Ertner

After Julius Caesar was asked by his friend what type of music he liked, he replied, "Etude, Brutus."

Jim Ertner

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Ides of March was a murderous day

For J. Caesar in Shakespeare's big play.

            Caesar wanted to know

            Who'd delivered the blow.

So he took a wild stab, "Et tu, Bruté?"


A conspiring young waitress named Faye

Took his order of seafood that day.

            Said, "What do you want, Sir?"

            Then stabbed with a dagger.

Caesar grimaced and said, "Et-ou-ffé!"  (Et tu, Faye!)


Kirk Miller


This month, our wordplay hits a peak

We all “Marched 4th” one day last week

And then came “pi day” 

Now it’s Friday

When we play at “ide & seek”

Gary Hallock

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