moderated Rogue Riddle 962

David Wyde

Rogue Riddle 962 - Book, Line, and Sinker

Hello! Books are this week's theme. Please send all responses to david.wyde@...

Find the pun and the book-related cue word, as in the example below. All answers are general terms rather than specific books.

I'll send clues on Monday and wrap up the game on Tuesday night.

Good luck :-)

0) Before you fix a flat tire you have to BLANK.

1) The book washed out to sea on a BLANK wave.

2) You don't have to write a book, you have BLANK choices.

3) We store playing cards BLANK.

4) The BLANK bought books about the royal family.

5) We're a small organized political group, but they're a BLANK.

6) BLANK: I guarantee you'll leave trash on the street.

7) The lyin' CIA agent was caught BLANK for another country.

8) The old-time mute was BLANK.

9) The women's chorus was followed by a contrasting BLANK.

10) The book about Genghis had BLANK and Khans.

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