moderated ROGUE RIDDLE #959 (Tuesday update & hints)

gary hallock

Good starts have come in from 5 players but nobody’s really yet surged into a significant lead. There are a few of these that everyone seems to figure out quickly yet several that seem to have all baffled. Below I have incorporated some (parenthetical) clues and commentary to help those of you who are willing to help yourselves.

This will be the only update/clue-set I’ll offer. These clues should be sufficient for any serious player to lay claim to several more kills. The game will close at midnight Tuesday and I will declare a winner Wednesday.

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ROGUE RIDDLE #959 - Launched Sunday, February 17, 2019 @ noon central. 

Submit all guesses, groans, grins, gripes & guffaws directly to <gary@...>

SHOW ME THE MONEY! - Euphemisms for the “long green.” 

Below are 14 short riddles, each with a single BLANK for you to fill in. Each BLANK should be replaced with a word/phrase that is a common slang term for money. It is surprising to realize how long a shopping list there is for this general topic. Whether specific or generic, each of my terms can easily be discovered without significant brain bending or tedious research. As a sample, I have offered Riddle #Zero which actually contains two BLANKS for already filled. Even though it’s a double, it should give you a feel for how the game goes. 

Be the first to supply me with all (or most) of the proper filled blanks and you may claim the dubious honor/responsibility of hosting Rogue Riddle #960 some day next weekend. 

To make my hosting job easier to perform, please submit all your guesses (and follow-up guesses) in the form of a “worksheet” which includes the original riddles and contains all of the kills with which you have been previously credited. 

Submit all guesses, groans, grins, gripes & guffaws directly to <gary@...>

0. (sample)
Jazz musicians are notoriously underpaid! Our combo has BENJAMIN at the night club every evening this week yet we barely pulled down a C-NOTE.

The president of a financial institution plays a very important BLANK BLANK. (The first “blank” is very nearly a gimme so it’s your own vault if you can’t find it.)

A reasonable price for moving a large concert piano would be something under a BLANK. (Such a piano us usually not moved upright)

Wealthy women always seem to be far more attractive to guys. The more money a gal has the more she is likely to be consider a real BLANK. (Several people proposed “catch/cash” but you should cast your eyes elsewhere)

Because he can brag of six degrees, the famous actor always manages to bring home the BLANK. (Not Robert DeNiro!) 

Australian animals come cheap. Bounty hunters are lucky if they can get even a BLANK. (Want some more soup, y’all?)

Oyster farmers are always encroaching on each other’s breeding territory. The business is plagued by many ruthless BLANK jumpers. (This type of currency could be used to bi-valves.) 

The practice of imprisoning people for their overdue bills was blatantly unfair. The court's landmark ruling against this established an unpaid BLANK BLANK. (This one may be a bit tricky, Dick.) 

The notorious burglar was fond of showing off his ill gotten gain. In fact it was for just such a public display that he was eventually arrested. The charge was BLANK conduct. (Not a musical instrument but it makes a similar sound)

The ruthless Attila wore neither boxers or briefs. His prefered undergarment was a pair of BLANK. (see notes below)

Singing cows are very difficult to find, so whenever one is engaged to perform with the choir, they are paid lots of BLANK. (They probably were just recording mooed music)

When the underpaid woodchopper noticed that his boss had dropped his wallet on the ground, he BLANK and took ‘em. (Considering the tool he was using I suppose he wasn’t technically a “chopper” of wood.)

If you need a male vocalist to sing not solo with you, you can higher one cheap. You can probably find one to duet for a BLANK. (Two very useful clues were included in the set-up. Three of these guys famously performed at Lincoln Cent-er!) 

Back in the 1970’s, whenever the coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers needed to score, he would go to the bench and put Mean Joe BLANK in the game. (I erroneously failed to include a second BLANK in this set-up. Does this help?)

The thief arrested for stealing the cash box was hauled away in BLANK. (This appliance is made by American Two-Wrister) [Editorial note: I have corrected a typo in the original set-up.]

Submit all guesses, groans, grins, gripes & guffaws directly to <gary@...>

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