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ROGUE RIDDLE #954 - GIVEN NOTICE - Posted Saturday, January 12, 2019 @10am central.

Please submit all guesses, gripes, groans & guffaws directly to <gary@...>

Inspired by the current government shutdown, this week’s riddle set is all about euphemisms for being out of work. I know it’s not a pleasant subject, but it is nevertheless rich with wordplay potential, so that’s all I needed to inspire me. Below you will find a set of 12 uncompleted sentences regarding the topic at hand. I wanted to keep the game down to an even dozen, so because bakers can’t be choosers, I’ve offered up my best one (a double) as an example to get you started. Expected answer may be a single word or a phrase. Several are technically not even puns, but when do we ever let that stop us?

[Editorial note: Players, please submit your guesses in the form of a worksheet. It is difficult to track & respond to words and numbers offered out-of-context.]

As is my usual ploy, I’m offering no specific deadline for entries. With the light participation we’ve lately had in these games, pretty much anyone could easily claim the kill by nailing just a few. I rather suspect that many are failing to play for fear they might be expected to claim, but please don’t let that stop you from at least participating. We PUNY riddle creators are much happier just to confirm that someone has noticed and appreciated our offerings. The first wiling player to claim the most gets the honor of posting his/her own Rogue Riddle next weekend.

(Example: After the holidays were over, the department store Santa was given the old BLANK and the elves got the BLANK.) (HEAVE-HO / SACK)

Please submit all guesses, gripes, groans & guffaws directly to <gary@...>

======== ROGUE RIDDLE #954 - GIVEN NOTICE - =========

1. - At 43, the new company president was half the age of his predecessor. Little wonder the old guy was BLANK.

2. - When the tuna processing plant switched over to using foil packets, many of the workers were BLANK.

3. - The apprentice at the body shop screwed up the repair of a minor fender ding so he was told to fix it or he would be made BLANK.

4. - After the Christmas trees were packed up for shipment in the truck, many of the nursery workers were BLANK.

5. - After nearly kiln everyone in the shop, the incompetent potter was quickly summarily BLANK.

6. - When sales of feather quilted comforters fell off, much of the staff had to be BLANK.

7. - The spokes-panther for Owens-Corning company was consistently coming insulate they had to give him the BLANK.

8. - If a yoga instructor is unable to hold the proper pose, she is likely to BLANK.

9. - The advent of chainsaws brought about lots of cutbacks in the lumber industry, so many workers were BLANK.

10. - Even though they continue to work, laborers at Goodyear plant are expected to BLANK daily.

11. - When their egg production diminishes, the older hens are BLANK.

12. - Overzealous film editors working on the bio-pic about the late C.E.O of Apple were constantly BLANK.

Please submit all guesses, gripes, groans & guffaws directly to <gary@...>

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