moderated ROGUE RIDDLE #950 (Bingo & reveal)

gary hallock

Somehow I knew that YahooGroups was going to screw up my launch of this riddle so I added a pre-emptive private side-launch to a hastily assembled list of my usual players. Despite this desperation outreach, I received responses from only 3 players in this weeks game. Surprisingly Cyn was quick out of the gate with an early kill, followed closely by Lars with an uncharacteristically incomplete worksheet. A day or two later Bill Crider turned in his typically first blush kill but comfortably tardy

Of course Cyn had already killed and claimed early on, so the honor of posting #951 this weekend goes to her. 

Required answers are provided below in the body of the original text. 

Thank you for playing,

Gary Hallock


ROGUE RIDDLE #950 - Launched December 16, 2018 @ noon central


Below you will find 5 limerick verses, each containing a single missing word (BLANK) Your task, should you choose to accept it, (and you really should)  is to discover the appropriate word that fills each blank, and collect them together below. With only a bit of creative phonetic twisting these 5 words can be re-arranged into a phrase that correctly answers the “real question” posed in the 6th verse at the bottom. Unlike some of my limerick based riddles, there are no blanks to fill in that final verse, so merely presenting me with the proper arrangement of the 5 basic words will be sufficient to convince me that you have not only solved the puzzle, but perhaps are qualified to host this game next week. In either case, you’re welcome to play and I’ll hold nobody’s cold feet to the foyer if they opt to pass on the honor of creating a game for the gang next week. (Does anyone ever really read through these instructions?) 

Deadline is…er…well…whenever someone knocks this one out of the perk. Should not really take long, but I’ve been wrong before.


Vic Hugo, a miserable dude
His “come on” line was very crude
So very lame is,
“Do you crave a lay, BLANK?” (MISS)
That won’t put a gal in the mood

If we all quit cold turkey, I'd guess
Our country would be in distress
And Kate Smith’s old song
Might then sound all wrong
For BLANK would gobble less (AMERICA)

At the news stand the freeloader sat
Said vendor, annoyed, “Please stand, Pat”
But he won’t give much grief
To a magazine thief
For they'll often take BLANK with that (ISSUE)

At the ends of these forearms of mine
Before my ten fingers, so fine
I’ve a versatile joint
If you’re getting my point
Please fill in the BLANK of my line (WRIST)

At a party late last New Year’s Eve
Drunk guest grabbed his car keys to leave
“Don’t drive! Stay the night”
Said the host, “It’s alright
We really don't want you to BLANK.” (WEAVE)


…and now, the “real question"

My seasonal song will not fit
Full title, in one line, so it
You must, here provide
In one line, set aside
Using blanks from all five above writ



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