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People who post public guesses should be PUNished by being forced to claim and host against their will. 


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I cannot host this weekend, I will be travelling by car most of the week end.

1, he was afraid of death/depth
2. they sit in the c-section
3. they say amen, not a woman. 
4. They sing hymns, not hers.
5. dermatologists make rash decisions

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A few have guessed the last 3 riddles but nobody has guessed the first two. So, here are more clues for the first two.

1. He never went out accompanied by anyone,but he was not afraid of heights. What was he afraid of? -- 5 letters
=== If you are not afraid of heights what might you be afraid of? Now make it a pun that goes with the first part of the setup.

2. Where do students who cut out early sit? -- 2 words,  2nd word 7 letters
=== What procedure involves cutting something out early?

3 & 4. Give 2 signs that the Christian church is a male dominated institution. -- 3. They say ____ not______
4. They sing _____ not ____

5. Why should you never trust the advice of a dermatologist? -- They make ____ decisions

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