moderated Re: Riddle 947 Clues (OOOPSIE!) [Don’t read this]

gary hallock


Looks like you’re never too old to make a public guess! 

I am keeping my blinders on and expect to post my own worksheet (privately) later this evening.



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2.           What are emotional people called at Christmastime?   SANTAMENTAL

4.     What kind of Christmas education is dangerous?  N_______

5.           What California city does Saint Nicholas like to drive in?  SANTA  CRUISE

6.           What does time wait for?  S_______

7.           What religious belief is at Christmastime?   SACK(RA) MENTAL

8.          What kind of soup do Santa's helpers prefer?  E_______

10.        What application of science is used at Christmas?  T_______

11.         What hand disinfectant is used at Christmas?  S_______

12.         What doughnut sales increase at Christmastime?  KRISP(IE)  KRINGLE or KRIS KRINGLE

14.         What is a quilter's favorite Christmas character?  S______. C____ 

15.       &n bsp; What commemorates a Baroque musical event after Christmas?  B_______  S_______  D_______

18.         What is Santa Claus called on December 26 due to his nonconformist behavior?  A BEAT  NICK

20.        What vigorous push is made the day before Christmas?  I______


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