moderated ROGUE RIDDLE #941 (Word counts & hints)

gary hallock

We are well over twenty four hours into this game and still nobody has yet nailed the whole set. Guess I can't complain, at least I have some players!

Added into the listing below you will now find word counts (Punned Phrase /Geographical Target) as well as a few comments and hints. Please continue pondering.

Yer welcome for playing.


ROGUE RIDDLE #941 - Launched October 14, 2018 @ 6:05pm central

Send all guesses, gasps, groans and gripes directly to <gary@...>

Below you will find a list of 9 short riddle set-ups each of which should lead you to a single punned BLANK answer. The required answer could be a single word or an entire phrase. If I am forced to send out clues, it will almost certainly be a word count, as this could certainly be helpful. Some of the terminology may be tricky but the set-up should lead you to pun it in the right direction. There are 9 set-ups but there will be 10 answers (The last one has 2 parts)  First to supply me with all (or most) correct answers wins the honor of hosting the riddle next week. 

The theme for this game is “Geographical Nick-Names.” These answers will all be puns on terms that are (or once were) commonly used to describe specific areas of North America. Some may incorporate the name of an actual state, territory or body of water, but still should be readily recognized as stand alone terms. Possible target words or phrases for this category would be terms such as "Red River Valley" or "Florida Keys.”  What they WILL NOT be is terms for mythical or ill-defined locations, such as “Wild Blue Yonder” or “Heck ’n’ Gone.”

Okay, enough preamble, let’s set off on this adventure and see how it flies as a topic.

SAMPLE RIDDLE #0 - (Not in North America!) I had three houses available for rent. Prospective tenants didn’t care for those on either end. Not surprisingly, the one in the BLANK first. (#### MIDDLE LEASED / MIDDLE EAST) 

Send all guesses, gasps, groans and gripes directly to <gary@...>

1. - What name might we give to those years when drunken pirates ruled the oceans? - BLANK 
[Hint: These pirates may have been as cut-throat as the sopranos. (3 straight / 2 punned)]

2. - Where do parrots in New Orleans sit? - BLANK
[Hint: Or they could be sitting on fish. (2 punned / 2 punned)]

3. - Christopher Columbus knew his ship was about to approach North America so he sent his cabin boy, Richard, scampering up to the crows nest with a telescope. When he had reached the top, Chris yelled a question up to the young fellow. “BLANK?” 
[Hint: He may have been looking to the south. (1 straight / 3 punned)]

4. - Every book upon your shelf which you’ve completed, could now rightly be said to be in this place. -BLANK
[Hint: This one is more of a geo-political pun. (2 straight / 2 punned)]

5. - You may have heard the term “Dying in testate,” but what if you died in several states? For legal reasons, multiple death certificates may be required. To create these it might actually be necessary to call in BLANK.
[Hint: These guys will be in stiff competition. (2 straight / 2 punned)]

6. - You may not be able to rip apart a British Whig, but almost certainly BLANK.
[Hint: This one may be more of double tundra. (2 straight / 5 punned)]

7. - In old cowboy films, a fellow wearing a white hat often arrives to dispense justice. The trouble usually begins when a guy wearing BLANK someone. 
[Hint: Solving this one may require you to use a decoder ring. (2 straight / 2 punned)]

8. - The guy at the restaurant who parks your car will expect a tip. If you don’t have any cash, I guess you might give him an IOU. Until you’ve paid him off, I suppose he could rightly be described as a BLANK.
[Hint: Some people think Iowa lot to this guy but it’s really a dry heat. (2 straight / 2 punned)]

9.- A former wearer of suspenders wished to arrange a different way to secure his pants in the BLANK area. He took his money to the store looking for a BLANK.
[Hint: If you can’t guess these I'm going to lose centrists in this riddle. (1 straight / 1 punned) (2 straight / 2 punned)]

Send all guesses, gasps, groans and gripes directly to <gary@...>



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