moderated Re: Happy Birthday to Cyn Mac

gary hallock

Our Cynthia's one who will often
Send natal day greetings to soften
That cruel march of Chronos
Delaying those death throes
Which send us too soon to a coffin

Gary Hallock

The number we know is exceptional,
It seems that delaying the reception’ll
Celebrate late
This memorable date —
But slowing the aging’s perceptional!




Today is my day? That's just great

But it's two days till I'll celebrate

With a great birthday party

Food, friends, feeling hearty

So some congrats will have to wait.


Make it a splendiferous day!


Cynthia ("Cyn") MacGregor

Freelance writer/editor


Pass a smile along

To that wonderful lady who cites
The memorable dates in our sites
Day out and day in —
This birthday’s for Cyn!
It’s time to honor her right!

Happy birth day, Cyn!
And many splendiferous nights!




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