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gary hallock

If your parents are dead it might make sense to have your grampy and gamma rays you.

I have a recurring nightmare about being forced to attend a concert of new age Greek musicians. My shrink tells me this is not an unusual phobia. It’s called “A Yannis fear"

Kim Jong Un probably doesn’t worry about the potential after-effects of a nuclear attack, because he’s all radiation. 

Gary Hallock


I guess that means the flasher is watching out.

Janet in Oz

There once came a being from Venus
With eyes at the end of its penis.
As it raised its brows
It became aroused
Obviously happy it had seen us!

Doug S.
Mo’on right along, the laughter has been fairly Mercurial to say the least, but it does have a starring role.

How does Tatum Neal’s dad hold his pants up? With Ryan’s Belt!

It might even hold in all the Pluto-nium too, ya never know.

Janet in Australia

I’ve been tying to remember what those two masks symbolize in the theater world. I know one is comedy but what is the other? Oh…and drama…duh!

I didn’t really mean to imply you were loony, Mr. Armstrong.... and I certainly didn’t think it would become all Eagle issue. Allow me to offer my sincere Apollo, gee!

Gary Hallock

There's a bright star quite mysterious
Which has some scared and delirious. 
Though light years away
It's coming our way
So, should we take it as Sirius?

Doug Spector

I have been typing at the speed of delight but I have to emit this topic is still somewhat nebulas. 

Can’t stop now! I may orbit off more than I can eschew. One really should not ovoid a lip tickle now and then. 

I hesitate to speak on behalf of other races, but it seems that proving that "dark matter lives" has long been the black goal. 

The enlightened guru wanted to visit the moon to seek tranquility. 

On the red carpet at the annual Academy Awards ceremony, you will often see a star cluster. Don’t forget to take note of their stark luster..

Gary Hallock

Gary, if you were making cheese and you spilled some of the liquid in the same manner, would that be a Milky Whey?



If my ice cream cone dropped onto the front of my shirt and dribbled down in to my pants, does that mean I would have vanilla on belt?

When a red dwarf dies, do they publish the news in the orbituary?

Gary Hallock
The field of gastronomy stinks. It’s fart-fetched.

Nova kidding?

Steve Wilson

If his girlfriend was born in early August, he might call that Galileo but it would be easy to telescoping skills were weak. 

Remember that wacky Korean minister back in the 1980’s who used to conduct mass weddings of his disciples? On my computer I have some screen shots that prove he was an occultation. If you don’t believe me I can send you e-clips of the Moon.

If you want to take her out next Saturn day night you should probably give her a ring today.

To paraphrase FDR.. “We really have very little to fear.....well...atmosphere itself.” 

If Cynthia wanted to repeat her previous punny quips on this thread, would she have to re-capricorny comment from beef-fore? (Perhaps I should have waited on this one until after launch)

Gary Hallock

Dark matters at work here on a universal topic.  Will it be matched with the dark energy to keep it going?  Or will this effort find an orbituary in its future?
    In most cases, an untimely end Mars things, especially when it’S a turn for the worse.  Gary hopes this might become a Regulus event, but the topic would seem to be bounded.  At least we can get a Big Bang out of its beginning.

    Still Lars


The best way to study Cancer is to use asteroids to evaluate Uranus..


I once thought about going somewhere to study astronomy, but I figured I'd just be taking up space.
I think you mean pastronomy. I planet for lunch.

Steve Wilson

I like astronomy even better than corned beef…on rye with mustard
= = = =
I’d like to open up a Tuesday Topic... Astronomy!

I don’t actually planet to be a Regulus weekly thing, but what on earth would be wrong with that?

I am hoping everyone will fall in align on this topic, be cosmos of you will recognize this syzygy-whiz moment... 

Io-nly hope that all of Jupiter best effort into this. With just orbit of energy, we can finally prove that dark matters.

Limericks are okay too. Even universe writing groups can participate if you want.


Gary Hallock

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