Dyed in the Wool

James Ertner

Or, as the ex-Navy-captain-turned-shepherd shouted when confronted with a rampaging flock, “Abandon sheep!”




BBC has a great story on a shepherd who dyed his animals a bright color in order to deter thieves (he had lost some 300 sheep to thieves). Along with the video, there was this title:

Flockwork Orange!




I didn't watch the story and thus didn't see the pun, but did catch the "preview" to that story on BBC.  It reminds me (and no, my puns aren't original) of the ram who committed suicide because he had heard a song on the radio titled "There Will Never Be Another Ewe."  Or why did the ram go over the cliff?  He failed to see the ewe turn.  (I don't know if the pun works in British English.)

Re confessing above to those not being original puns, I hate it when someone on the list serve says things like "Oh, Charles!  That's such an old one!"  Big deal!  Shakespeare was notorious (by modern standards of plagiarism) for taking the work of other authors and revising the plots for a new play.  We punsters should be allowed to do the same.

Now I WILL make an original (if bad) pun:  Did you hear about the sheep thief who stole a whole flock of sheep and hasn't yet been caught? He's still on the lam.



Indeed they work very happily in Brit English. And the sheppard is hoping the colour will stop him being fleeced.


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