Daffynitions Game

James Ertner

Polarize: what penguins see with


Pasteurize - to glance at milk
Homogenize - to clone a gay person


Competitive – Ms Wimberley at the Pun-Off


= = = = =

Knuckleball: What it's called when a crying brat rubs his eyes with his fists.
Overseers: People who travel to Euorpe on cruise ships.
Agnositics: People who don't believe God invented Teflon.

Gary Hallock
Hypothesize - give injections below the armpits

Endear -- hypothetical quantity used in modeling cervine populations.

Amplifier -- sufficient source of warmth

Bowstring -- competitive crowing arena

Telephony -- unmask a fake

Alienation -- ET government 


Cremini – Pour some of that dairy product on my leg joint

Portabello – A device that blows air and can be carried from room to room.

= = = = =

Fungi: A young playful man
Doug S.
Realize: genuine ocular organs

Cauterize: Got the attention of a woman


= = = = =

It's Monday so let's start up a fresh Daffynitions Game.

I might take this opportunity to remind everyone that Daffynitions are 
traditionally alternate (punned) meanings for actual words.
If you're compelled to make up a new word or alter the spelling of an 
existing word and define that...well, that's a different game.

Oblique: When Ms. Winfrey feels depressed.
Refuse: What you do to repair a bomb that's fizzled.
Normalize: Small fibs told in everyday conversation.
Refinery: What it's called when you get a new outfit of fancy clothes.
Loose Cannon: How Lewis is making electronic document copies.

Gary Hallock

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