Daffynitions Game

James Ertner

 Realize: genuine ocular organs


Cauterize: Got the attention of a woman


= = = = =

It's Monday so let's start up a fresh Daffynitions Game.

I might take this opportunity to remind everyone that Daffynitions are 
traditionally alternate (punned) meanings for actual words.
If you're compelled to make up a new word or alter the spelling of an 
existing word and define that...well, that's a different game.

Oblique: When Ms. Winfrey feels depressed.
Refuse: What you do to repair a bomb that's fizzled.
Normalize: Small fibs told in everyday conversation.
Refinery: What it's called when you get a new outfit of fancy clothes.
Loose Cannon: How Lewis is making electronic document copies.

Gary Hallock

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