Rogue Riddle # (unknown)

James Ertner

I apologize for the late start of the Rogue. I was waiting for an official bingo announcement from Charles, but it never came. I was actually ready to post this on Saturday morning to give everyone the entire long weekend to work on it. I was also waiting for an official notification so I would know what number the Rogue is. Thus, someone will have to append it. Having said all that, here is Rogue # (whatever):


The format of this Rogue is the same as my last two or three Rogues, namely, the riddle question takes the form of “What’s the difference between X and Y?” And the answer is in the form of “One is SOMETHING and the other is SOMETHING ELSE.”


Send your answers to jde31459@... … do NOT hit REPLY! (I will respond to guesses when I have a chance. It’s a holiday after all!)




1.What’s the difference between a long-winded political speech and a cowboy?


2. What’s the difference between a kangaroo and a logger?


3. What’s the difference between an awestruck man and a leopard’s tail?

4. What’s the difference between a soaking wet day and a lion with a toothache?


5. What’s the difference between a New England fisherman and a Mafia network?


6. What’s the difference between a movie starlet and a mouse?


7. What’s the difference between playing solitaire and a dining mouse?

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