Re: Hopalong Cassidy was really William Boyd

Lars Hanson

Hoppy Boyd Day, Jim!

    There also was that cowboy so beloved by his young fans he and his sidekick became known as Boy Dodgers and his slender horse, Sliver.  As for his sidekick, ain't he divine?

    And that cowboy straight out of the illustrated books, Com Mix.

    And that cowboy who was always late arriving at the scene, Last LaRue.  (He often arrived whipped!)

    What about the cowboy known for gunning down game, Takes Critter?




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And how late can you get with birthday wishes? I suppose 364 days - that's nearly yearly.

Another cowboy is surely the Loan Arranger. I take no credit for thinking up that one.


Thanks, Cyn, for remembering. Hopalong Cassidy was actually one of my favorite cowboy shows as a kid, along with that recluse musical writer: The Lone Arranger.



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And today is "Hoppy Boyd" day—to Jim E.


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