Re: Rogue to be launched tomorrow

Lars Hanson


    Congratulations to you on having been declared fully bright, and on your Beata-fic marriage!

    So, what will you be doing to support yourself in Pole Land?  Teaching again?

   We have the past, but cannot yet see the future here.




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Since my better half and I will move to Poland for a year or two in about a week, I thought it appropriate to come up with a Rogue with an Eastern European theme.  I'll launch it tomorrow about 2 p.m. CST.  It won't be anything of an imaginative nature like Gary's limericks, but rather a mixture of punning genres, some of them oldies (but goodies).

One of the regulars on this list asked me what the story on Poland was.  I had a Fulbright lectureship there during the 1979-81 academic years, Beata was my student, and we married a few years later.  I joke that I wanted a young, pretty wife and she wanted a green card. We celebrated our 30th anniversary this past April, so it was obviously more than a sugar daddy relationship.  Again, I joke that she was looking for three things in a husband:  looks, money, and education.  Well, one out of three ain't bad!  I do have a Ph.D.


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