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It's a pun but I like my other answer better

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I was AFC for a couple hours but will be monitoring the replies up until about midnight EDT.  Will look again tomorrow, too, but after that, I won't check again until next week.  I've had one guess so far but they didn't land the fish, as it were! 

Remember, the limerick "scans", so the last line has the exact number of syllables as the first and second lines.  And since it's a limerick, the last word is a pun, and of course rhymes with the last words of lines 1 and 2.  Don't let this one weigh you down . . .

On Thursday, May 19, 2016 6:19 PM, Chris Gross wrote:

Well, here I am - "One Sagan" - to try to outwit and outplay all of you Riddlers out there in PUNY land . . .

And notice - that unlike the immensely popular reality TV Show, Survivor - I did not use the third word of their "trilogy", "outlast".  And here is why:  these are supposed to be SPEED riddles, and meant to be EASILY solved!!  So no, I don't want this to "last" very long at all.  But alas, it's now past 6:00 pm, EDT, and I just now learned that I "survived" Gary's most recent, clever riddle.

So here goes; please solve it tonight if you'd like - or tomorrow - and know that you won't have to come up with #23 until next Tuesday.  If this stays unsolved by midnight tonight, I will revive it again on May 24.


This is a "fill-in-the-BLANK" limerick . . . only "hint" to start, is that the limerick "scans" . . .

Avid fisherman liked to regale
'Bout his catch: "was the size of a whale"!
When you look on his wall,
The fish seems rather small;
His response? "It was just BLANK"

As always, please DO NOT HIT REPLY OR REPLY TO ALL.  Instead, send me a personal email with your guess to:


Good luck!
Chris G

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