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Well, here I am - "One Sagan" - to try to outwit and outplay all of you Riddlers out there in PUNY land . . .

And notice - that unlike the immensely popular reality TV Show, Survivor - I did not use the third word of their "trilogy", "outlast".  And here is why:  these are supposed to be SPEED riddles, and meant to be EASILY solved!!  So no, I don't want this to "last" very long at all.  But alas, it's now past 6:00 pm, EDT, and I just now learned that I "survived" Gary's most recent, clever riddle.

So here goes; please solve it tonight if you'd like - or tomorrow - and know that you won't have to come up with #23 until next Tuesday.  If this stays unsolved by midnight tonight, I will revive it again on May 24.


This is a "fill-in-the-BLANK" limerick . . . only "hint" to start, is that the limerick "scans" . . .

Avid fisherman liked to regale
'Bout his catch: "was the size of a whale"!
When you look on his wall,
The fish seems rather small;
His response? "It was just BLANK"

As always, please DO NOT HIT REPLY OR REPLY TO ALL.  Instead, send me a personal email with your guess to:


Good luck!
Chris G

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