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I sent this BINGO notice out over an hour ago and am still not seeing it in the PUNY feed. Thought maybe I could get it to you by forwarding a copy. - Gary


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From: Gary Hallock <gary@...>
Date: May 19, 2016 at 9:38:46 AM CDT

Cyn M. and Bill C. both solved this yesterday afternoon but could not claim.  Chris G. now has nailed it with the answer I sought….


Also wracking their brains somewhere in the background were Stan K. and Arlen B. 

Thank you for playing. 



The not-at-all-related-to-Pat Benatar Tony Bennett or any other singer FATS RIDDLE #21

Send or submit all guesses directly to <gary@...>

Taking a cue from Budweiser’s summer rebranding its premier product as “America,” a popular brand of peanut butter has re-located their headquarters to Detroit and will incorporate that city’s popular nick-name into their reworked product name. Only problem is, it could cause confusion because it sounds very similar to the name of an old comic strip. What are they calling their new product?

Clues #1 and #2 - Chirp…chirp…chirp! Zero players! Really? - How many different peanut butter makers can you name? How many nick-names does Detroit have?

Clue #3 - The name of the comic strip which is the target phrase of this riddle is also a combination of two names. Did I mention that it's really really old?

Clue #4 - Okay, its getting to be crunch(y) time for this riddle. The title of this old comic strip (Did I mention that its really old?) featured the names of the two main characters. One was considerably taller than the other.

Send or submit all guesses directly to <gary@...>

Gary Hallock

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