ROGUE RIDDLE #815 (Mom's the Word) (Update & clues)

gary hallock

Only a couple of players have taken me up on this relatively simple challenge. This leads me to believe that some may be shy of even approaching a riddle for fear they might accidentally lay claim to wit. 

On the other hand, it’s possible that I didn’t make it clear that in each case there is a “maternal” synonym that is hidden within the otherwise fairly obvious answer. This means that your guess could be essentially correct but still not contain that target word.  (Hint: Some of these synonyms are second generation.) 

I have included cryptic hints [in brackets] with each of the riddles below.

Deadline is midnight CDT tonight


ROGUE RIDDLE #815 (Launched at 11:22pm CDT)

Send all guesses, gripes, grunts and groans directly to Gary Hallock <gary@...>

******* MOM’S THE WORD *********

Because so many of us were so preoccupied with the Pun-Off yesterday, you probably thought I wouldn’t have the strength or nerve to post a Rogue Riddle this week, but you’re wrong! 

Yes, my Mom did attend the contest yesterday but In celebration of her day today, I’ve composed a brief collection of clues that should lead you to words that contain concealed maternal reverences. (Warning: Some target words may have been used more than once) 

First person to supply me with all or most of the answers I seek, will win the honor of hosting next weekend. Would it kill you to claim a riddle now and then? You’re breaking my heart!

Deadline will be Tuesday Midnight. CDT

Send all guesses, gripes, grunts and groans directly to Gary Hallock <gary@...>

1. - Who allegedly preferred Dick over Tommy?
[Her love was probably suffocating.] 

2. - I hope you did more than just send her a card or flowers. You really should give BLANK call today. 
[Just for the record, this answer is closely related to Number 7.]

3. - If your dad’s Paw had a cheap camera, most photographs of his wife will be very BLANK.
[Because of their poor resolution, this couple spent the last years of their life in the old focus home.]

4. - If you need someone to come over an' nurse ya, she will quickly overcome inertia.
[Female political candidates with kids could be said to also benefit from this quality.]

5. - If a theoretical physicist was raised by his Father’s sister she might be considered his BLANK.
[Sadly nobody has ever seen her.]

6. - Let's suppose Mrs. Duncan taught her son to play the cello. That would mean she was his BLANK.
[As a parent she was also the tops.]

7. - She set so many records when she was young, as she aged, they decided to name the award after her.
[I hope you RCAing a connection here that rings a Bell.]

8. - What flower is the favorite of the Kringle kids?
[There are several different ways you might twist this flower’s name to arrive at the proper answer.]

9. - If she was into rap music, the boy king would have called her this. 
[This is not a veiled reference to Prince or his purple reign.]

10. - At the very least, what might a Munchkin regard his mother?
[Doesn’t have to be a Munchkin, maybe just a midget.]

11. - When the old lady saw the immense size of the shopping plaza, she went into convulsions. Pop-Pop said it was apparently a case of BLANK BLANK BLANK.
[Some grasp of medical terms would be helpful here.]

12. - The German Shepherd was not pure bred. Seems one of his parents was a BLANK.
[Same thing might be said of a German race horse.] 

Send all guesses, gripes, grunts and groans directly to Gary Hallock <gary@...>

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