Rogue Riddle #814 - Status #1 and Clue Set #1

Lars Hanson



    Currently there are only two players this week, and they are tied.  The standings are as follows:


Gary Hallock:  50%  -- 9 correct, plus two partials

Bill Crider:       50%  -- 9 correct, plus two partials


    Only six (6) of the riddles remain unanswered, and only five (5) have not been tried.


Clue Set #1:  The letter counts for the first five riddles are included below.




*  Please remember that this week's Rogue is all about names.  At least one answer to each riddle will be a well known name.


*  Not every riddle refers to an individual person's name, however.



1.  What someone opposed to Richard from becoming a presidential candidate might have said.

     (3, 2 / 5)


2.  For this candidate there is a difference between simply going in automatic and actually exerting BLANK BLANK.

     (4, 7 / 6, 7)


3.  This French political thinker sounds as though he might have come from a town known for marijuana usage.

     (2, 9 / 2, 11)


4.  This Middle East inhabitant would seem to have been a natural opponent of a certain British Prime Minister.

     (2, 11 / 2, 7)


5.  This southeast Asian leader perhaps was known for drinking bootleg liquor.

     (7, 3 / 2, 3, 3)


6.  Was that the mountain the vessel landed on?  It certainly was, said the Middle Eastern rebel.


7.  Did this Indian nationalist’s ballet corps work on the railroad.


8.  A cloth merchant who became president, perhaps.


9.  A Greek philosopher children love to play with.


10. A president sought by Diogenes.


11.      This prime minister finally agreed.


12.  The town leader’s wealth once was a prime minister.


13.      When this man completed his newspaper’s motto, he married into royalty.


14.      A silky fiber padding material became president one day.


15.      Joseph was known for transporting this Italian general with the  receding hairline.


16.      While eider is handy for comforters, it turns out this presidential duck increased production.


17.      It turned out to be very difficult to fool this frontiersman.  Indeed it was quite hard to BLANK BLANK.


18.      This German is a purveyor of inexplicable events.


19.  Many Republicans want to go back to the past, to BLANK BLANK.


20.     If he and she  got together, would they form a coherent mass, or would they collapse?  Would they BLANK or BLANK?






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