Re: Rogue Riddle #814 - Warning

arlen baden <volunteeratlarge@...>

Snot your fault
When typing ion on an iPhone
Wait till they straighten out
The IOS!


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Subject: Re: [puny] Rogue Riddle #814 - Warning
Sent: Sun, May 1, 2016 10:24:24 PM


    Ho's to say Ho's Ho these days?

​    And is that so bad?  Seems to me even Santa Claus hung out with a bunch of ho's!​

    Obviously, when it comes to typing ion an iPhone, I'm all thumbs!



Ho’s can call themselves “models” if they want, but everyone knows a zebra can’t change its spots.

Gary Hallock


Hose remodeling? Turning socks into stockings? Or maybe you're putting rattles onto a garden-waterer to make it appear snakey?


= = = = =


Hose remodeling has delayed my usual Saturday Rogue R iddle launch until today.

Rogue Riddle #814 will be launched in a few hours.



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