FATS Riddle #16 alert

James Ertner

Since we’re out of the Tuesday-Thursday window for F riddles, stay tuned for FATS Riddle #16 on Tuesday morning … unless I’m informed by the “powers that be” that we’ll be on “riddle hiatus” the week before the Pun-Off as we’ve done before.

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The Hungry-For-Knowledge FATS RIDDLE #15
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Only one guesses so far so I'm giving clue #1. The college is actually not technically an Ivy (although it is usually thought to be, just like MIT)

Clue #2 The pun is 2 words long (first is the college, second is a verb). The answer is 3 words long.

Jim Ertner gets the bingo with STAND FOR IT/STANFORD EAT and will be hosting FATS #16

Thank you Stan and One Sagan for your amusing guesses and Chris for your advice.
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A father and son loved to have lunch at different ivy league colleges. They loved MIT's MIT-loaf, and Harvard's Hardvoiled eggs. However, there was one university they would never go to fill their stomachs as the father would not BLANK BLANK BLANK.
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