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Well, Jim, I never looked at the copy list of your guess, so egg on my face, too, for replying back to the entire group.  I guess everyone gets #1 as a freebie.  Sinday / Satyrday / some even guessed FryDay, but I didn't accept that one . . . I suppose given that it's the Devil we're talking about here, he probably does have more days that are "sinful" . . . Oh, and Cyn, too, sent in her reply of SatyrDay before Jim's faux pas, so she is also in the mix, but regrets not being able to host the next Rogue. . .

Updated standings are:  Gary, Lars and Lila with 2 each, Cyn with 1, and Al with 1 (the freebie).  Technically, Gary is in the lead as he had already bingo'd #1 correctly with Sinday . . .

I will be AFC for awhile; I will try to look at any other replies in about 3-4 hours from now.  Happy guessing . . . Did everyone get the new clues? 

Now that Jim is banished to Gitmo - and I am in the next cell - please do not reply with guesses to this message; please reply to me personally at:



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 I thought I had cut-and-pasted ca_12_dozen@.... So much for my new Windows 10! I’m going to go back to Windows 8.1. Sorry if I spoiled the game for any of you.

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Jim: How about no public guesses? - Cyn

Chris: How about Satyrday for No. 1? Jim
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Well, here it is . . . the one our Learless Feeder said, "I can't wait to see what he (Chris) comes up with!"  Which, Gary, I took as a huge complement! (pun intended)

So, without additional fanfare, squiggly lines, avatars, emojis or any other computer characters, I present to you 10 questions.  Each has one correct answer to the question, posed in the form of a pun.  Most are based around homonyms, with the exception of #3.  For example, I might ask:  "What would you say to the apprentice baker when he asked his boss about a certain recipe?  Answer:  He's on a "knead to know" basis.  As you slog threw, and put you're brain to ewes, yule cum up with the write answer!  

Please proffer any guesses to me at:  ca_12_dozen@... . . . DO NOT HIT REPLY OR YOU WILL BE BANISHED TO GITMO!!

I will be pretty lenient, and will offer clues as necessary.  Since we are launching today, my hope is that this fiasco will be all over by midnight, Monday, GMT -5, or sooner, if a BINGO is scored.  I have my mom visiting, so I will be AFC from time to time, but I will have the iPhone with me so I should be able to respond quickly.  Clues will appear Sunday and Monday, if necessary.  Enjoy!

1.       What is the most holy day of the week on Satan’s calendar? BLANK (looking for a one word answer)
2.       What you still do – as a wife – after your hubby’s had a vasectomy? (looking for a 4 word phrase, punned word is the third one)
3.       What you call the place where sea horses attend a school of higher learning? BLANK BLANK (this is NOT a homonym, per se)
4.       What you call an illegal person employed to do all kinds of work around the tepee? BLANK BLANK (this IS a punned homonym)
5.       What you call a full rounded arachnid after it’s had a bite? BLANK BLANK (this IS a punned homonym)
6.       What does a person who hates eating at a Jewish Deli and a Rastafarian have in common? BLANK BLANK/BLANK (looking for both the punned and un-punned answer)
7.       What were the gardeners doing after the Christ child was born? (looking for a 9 word phrase, punned word is the 7th word)
8.       What might Major Anthony Nelson order if he’s buying Jeannie a drink? (looking for a 3 word answer, with the 1st word being the pun)
9.       What do you call the condition that a US GI has when faced with doing another 8-legged tour in the Mideast? BLANK
10.   What do you call a long-winded poem about an electric appliance which is used to add flavor to meat? (looking for a 5 word answer with multiple punned words)

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