Re: Rogue Riddle #800 - Status #1

joseph h

Well, that was crystal clear. Sorry you are down in the mouth about Jona(h)s. But to get the job done, you mustn't be flakey.



    What a snow job Jonas has turned put to be here.

    Unfortunately,  the winds are piling snow st the front if ny house and garage, if you get my drift.  And if you don't, I wish you would!

    Snow fun shoveling.




On Jan 23, 2016 1:41 PM, "Cynthia MacGregor cynthia@... [puny]" <puny@...> wrote:
Everyone else snowed under?  ;-)

Yes—with work!

Although the tail of the storm is affecting us here in FL too with chilly temps and high winds, the latter of which have caused many power outages locally—thankfully not us so far. But I keep getting emailed bulletins from the local newspaper reporting new areas all around here that are getting hit with outages.

But my absence from your inbox is work-related, not weather-related


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