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Bill Crider

Some of us are not retired or have obligations that make it difficult to be attentive to the games. When I am able to host, sometimes I have had folks criticize me for not responding as fast as they think I should. That has made me even more reluctant to host. 
So I agree heartily with Lars:  all should feel encouraged to play, even if you can't host. 

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    If Cyn's comment is accurate, this is a sad state of affairs.

    The riddles here are a game.  It seems to me the point of any game is to have fun.  That should mean that *ALL* players are welcome, regardless of whether or not they want to or can host the next riddle.

    Why not encourage all to play and discourage none?

    It seems pretty cheesy to limit players in the FETA Riddles.  Has it a curd to some yet that is not the whey to play?  Wouldn't it be gouda to include everyone?

    Best Swisses and aloha,




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I know the answer but u have made it plain u don't want to hear from anyone who won't host the next riddle…and I CAN'T

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Another off-the-topic FETA:

This may not be fair to our non-American friends since it concerns the 2016 presidential race.  Donald Trump, who's currently leading the Republican pack, has leveled charges that one of his main opponents may not be eligible for the presidency since he wasn't born in the United States.  In other words, he's concerned that his opponent might catch up with him in the national polls and ____________ to an easy victory in the Republican Party race.  

Send your guesses to chasmwuk@....

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