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How about “I am not emu-sed”?

 What is the four word answer for #2?

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Late guesses came in overnight from Lars who kept chipping away at the shell to break through for the cheep kill this morning. Also heard from were Jim E. and Kirk M. who both offered late but respectable starts. Lars will claim the game and host #798 next weekend. 

The desired answers have been incorporated into the riddle list below.

Final player talons are as follows...

Lars H.   12 kills
Bill C.  11 kills
Cyn M.  8 kills
Charles W.  2 kills
Jim E.  2 kills
Kirk M.  1 kill

Thank you for playing,

Gary Hallock


On Jan 4, 2016, at 11:39 PM, Gary Hallock gary@... [puny] <puny@...> wrote:

Overnight brought no new players or guesses to my inbox which should have inspired me to go ahead and offer up those promised clues. Unfortunately my mind wandered off to other places and the only clues posted today went privately to those actively guessing.  

What passed for “active” today was a single guess/bingo from both Bill C. and Lars. H. who now are both hovering near the finish line with 11 and 9 kills respectively. No talon where this will end but I’m gonna go ahead and send out a batch of clues now just in case Alex R. or someone else wants to swoop in and snatch victory from the beak of defeat. 

Letter counts and a few hints have been inserted into the riddle list below.

Current standings look like this

Bill C.  11 kills
Lars H.   9 kills
Cyn M.  8 kills
Charles W.  2 kills



Although toucan play this game, we had 4 players flocking in this afternoon. Cyn swooped out of the gate first with 5 quick kills followed soon by Lars who did her one better with 6. Nest Charles checked in with a couple of bingos but before long the talon-ted Lars’s tally soared up to 8. Oops! so did Cyn’s. They both road kills for a while and it looked like a dead meat heat. Then to migrate surprise Bill C. was heard this evening in his usual style with a slate of clean kills on his fledgling flight. Bill is now up to an even 10, which puts him on the pedestal as the cocky one to beat overnight. (Please insert your own disgusting double entendre here.)  

Trivia and other in formation: I really thought #8 would be the "tough one” but 3 of my 4 players knocked it out on the first blush. There is no riddle which remains unsolved by anyone. I will offer some clues in the morning. 

Current standings are thus

Bill C.  10 kills
Lars H.   8 kills
Cyn M.  8 kills
Charles W.  2 kills

Thank you for playing,

Gary Hallock


ROGUE RIDDLE #797 (Launched January 3, 2016 @ noon central) 


I know everyone was probably expecting yet another of my tedious limerick-based riddles but I’m falling in line this time with what seems to be the more popular format.

Below you will find 12 clues which will hopefully lead you to 12 answers. With the exception of #2 these will all be single words. These riddles are all on a theme which I think is fairly transparent. Solving even one of them will likely allow you do discover what it is, so I’ll hold off advertising it for now. 

I am launching earlier than I ordinarily might because I expect to be AFK for a few hours this afternoon. I hope to be able to field your guesses and offer responses through most of the day. If needed I may offer letter counts or other hints in the evening. 

First guesser with the most correct answers by some random time on Tuesday evening wins the honor/responsibility of hosting #798 next weekend.

Harpie New Year

Gary Hallock


***TITMOUSE*** 1. - This one sounds like a good stripper name for Mickey’s girlfriend. 
(8 letters) ~ Disney rejected this idea Minnie times.  

***EMU*** 2. - Queen Victoria’s zoological garden included aviary large number of large birds. Because visitors would so often mis-identifiy her ostriches, the serious monarch had a sign posted that read…”BLANK BLANK BLANK BLANK.”
(2,3,3,4)  ~ Although the quote may be apocryphal, this is a paraphrase of something her majesty supposedly once said in response to a failed attempt at humor. 

***OWL*** 3. - If a bird of prey is about to land on top of your car you might glance at your dashboard to see your BLANK light's on.
(3 letters)  ~ One guesser suggested TERN indicator but I went a different direction.

***TURKEY*** 4. - The pilgrim couple was heading over to a neighbor’s house to celebrate the first Thanksgiving. Upon leaving their house, they accidentally locked their door and forgot to bring BLANK.
(6 letters)  ~ They should not duck out of the house without taking this.

***PLOVER*** 5. - This sounds like a command from a cop who is about to stop you for speeding. 
(6 letters) ~ Not the most common bird on the list but it looked good on piper. 

**HARRIER*** 6. - The old bird was reminiscing about his early days. "I wasn’t always a bald eagle, you know. When I was younger I was BLANK.”
(7 letters) ~ When he was young he had more heron his head.

***PARROT*** 7. - If the perch in your birdcage is broken, you really should re-BLANK
(6 letters) ~ If you can’t guess this one you’re in a fix.

***PIGEON*** 8. - Most people are aware of the concept of "dog years.”  Probably fewer are familiar with the term "a coon’s age.” There is yet another even-more- obscure measurement of a great length of time which is related to a barnyard quadruped. (e.g. - “Where have you been? I haven’t seen you in a BLANK.”)
(6 letters) ~ It’s a longer period of time than millennia of us will live.

***PARAKEETS *** 9. - What a great coincidence that you possess two first editions of Emily Dickinson’s poems. I also have a BLANK.
(9 letters)  ~ This will be the pluralized version of a bird name.

***SWAN*** 10. - Other than ducks and geese, are there other species of waterfowl in your pond? - Yes, There's BLANK.”
(4 letters) ~ Just a single bird.

***BUZZARD*** 11. - When a game show contestant runs out of time to answer the question, they usually get BLANK.
(7 letters)  ~ If you hear one of these it usually means you’re dead.

***BOOBIES*** 12. - What does Mickey’s stripper girlfriend like to show off? 
(7 letters) ~  This is also a pluralized form of a bird name.


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