Re: ROGUE RIDDLE #792 Bingo! and answers

joseph h

On 29/11/2015 10:40 PM, Feta Whey fetawhey@... [puny] wrote:
The final score
Bill C wins with 10 correct after only 2 emails.
Cyn -- 2nd place with 6 correct.

5. What word means one thing in the United States and the opposite in the UK?
Bill's answer:  Peer in the US is an equal. Peer in the UK is a noble. Pier in Hawaii is a dock. Peer in a hospital is someone with poor bladder control.
Also possible: table, homely.
I think that we might hear more about it from Joseph.

Not that much to say. Peer has come t o mean one's equals here too. Perhaps from the earlier use in "a jury of peers (or of one's peers)" when the House of Lords heard cases and applications from individual peers - for divorce for example. A list of Peers is the content of Burke's Peerage; and it shows precedence. Dukes were Norman nobles, and their eclipse of the Anglo Saxon Lords is shown because Duke's sons have precedence over Earls, the highest Anglo Saxon peer. [Earls may have originated as the "elder men" or leaders by wisdom - one hoped!]

That is a peer into the past; science fiction is a peer into the future, which may include a splash at the end of the pier. The sight of the elderly may be said to be the peer age.


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